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Fundraising Events - Tiffany's Beauty & Tanning Salon, LLC
Annual Laconia Bike Week Cut-A-Thon

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2008 Laconia Bike Week Cut-A-Thon
During Laconia Bike Week 2008 Tiffany's Beauty Salon, Studio 73 and Paul Mitchell School students from Manchester participated in a cut-a-thon to benefit the Breast Cancer 3 Day. Those participating were Garnet Edmunds, Jess Edmunds, Abby Edmunds, Carie Pinette, Brooke Bellows, Chrissy Frechette, Alicia Jipson, Instructor Jennifer Farley, Students Michelle Borges, Tarmey Eliason, and Sacha Charron.

Tiffany's distributor, CB Sullivan and Co. co-sponsors the event handling all the equipment, products and PR. This was the first time the school partnered for the event, which was very successful.



We raised $800.00 in hair cuts, and one individual, Eric, raised $500.00 from all of the bikers and we shaved his long locks of hair! Our distributor CB Sullivan matched our donation for a total of $2400.00 to be donated to the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk that Garnet will be attending in Boston on August 15-17.



The cut-a-thon was held in the beer tent behind the lobster pound at the Weirs during bike week. The infamous ROBBY KNEIVAL was also our guest and CB Sullivan, Jeff, Mark and Keri Sullivan.




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