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The Benefits of Massage Therapy
Taking care of yourself should be at the top of your priority list! You will feel and look better if you take the necessary steps regarding health and nutrition in this age of increased longevity. Stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. Massage could play an important role in improving your life as the benefits of massage are numerous! Massage therapy and bodywork provide many ways to improve your health and wellness.

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 Other Services
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   Aqua Detox

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Salon Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am-6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 7am-6pm
Saturday 6am-3pm


Brief History of Massage

Massage is considered to be among the oldest of all treatments used by man. Chinese records dating back to three thousand years documented its use. Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems.

Can Massage Benefit You?

Today massage is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs and has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions such as low-back pain, arthritis, and bursitis. Massage helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living.

Massage for Pain and Emotional Problems

With many chronic ailments, massage can relieve the pain and help heal. As with physical problems, emotional problems may also be stimulated into self-healing with massage. In many cases, this helps eliminate the need to take harmful chemical drugs, which will unnecessarily burden the liver, kidneys, and other vital organs.

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can help manage stress. How?

Massage can:

  • decrease anxiety

  • enhance sleep quality

  • increase energy

  • improve concentration

  • increase circulation

  • reduce fatigue

  • alleviate low-back pain

  • improve range of motion

  • enhance immunity

  • improve the condition of skin

  • increase joint flexibility

  • lessen depression

  • promote tissue regeneration

  • reduce cramps and spasms

  • relax and soften injured muscles

  • relieve migraine pain

  • release endorphins

Clients often report a sense of perspective and clarity after receiving a massage. Give us a call today with any questions.
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