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Salon services include hair care, skin care, cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, booth tanning,



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OUR TEAM - Tiffany's Beauty & Tanning Salon, LLC
Our Salon has three Hair Stylists, one Nail Technician, a Total Image and Cosmetic Consultant, an Esthetician and a Massage Therapist! We all keep up with current trends by educating ourselves continuously. Our Salon strives to remain on the cutting edge!

Salon Services

Skin Care
Esthetician Services
   Medical Peels
   Wrinkle Repair Solutions
   Hair Care & Styling
   Barbershop Services
Hair Extensions
Hair Straightening / CHI
Hair Updos
Wedding Specialties
    Manicures & Pedicures
Bed & Booth Tanning
      Spray Tanning

 Other Services
Temporary Tattoos
Digital Imaging

   Eyelash Extensions
   Eyelash Perming
   Eyelash & Brow Tinting
   Aqua Detox

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Salon Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am-6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 7am-6pm
Saturday 6am-3pm

Tiffany's Team

  Hi. My name is Garnet Edmunds. I purchased Tiffany's Salon in 1983 having worked as the Salon Manager for 11 years previously. The Salon remained in its original location for 6 years after my purchase until rent became extremely high. I then decided to purchase a property located on Central Street and built the Central Street Plaza for the new salon location. The Plaza started with five pre-conceived new businesses which all went out of business during the recession in the 80's. It was a very crazy start, but well worth the hardship!
  I provide hair cuts, coloring and styling.

Garnet Edmunds


  My name is Kathy Beauchine. I was born and raised in Franklin where I live with my husband and my 7 year old daughter. I graduated from Houles Beauty Academy in 1974 and have been employed at Tiffany's Beauty Salon for 26 years. I specialize in pleasing my clients no matter what their preference is. It is important to be in tune with your clientele no matter what age.
  I enjoy perming, highlighting and cutting. I have attended many different hair shows and also many in-salon seminars. I also have attended Paul Mitchell Seminars at Sundae River in Maine, and the New England Expo's in Boston. Attending seminars and shows gives us an all over view of the different techniques in the hair industry.

Kathy Beauchine


  My name is Rebecca Keith. I have been a Tiffany's team player for 16 years. I've seen styles come and go. I prescribe and sell the Alpha Hydroxy system. Skin refining AHA's resurface and clarify skin. The products contain a special blend of mixed fruit acid, complex acid and glycolic acid and are an effective treatment suitable for all skin types and ages. I feel great skin care slows down the aging process and rejuvenates the cells. It's all about look good, feel good! It starts with a great regimen and then the cosmetics. When it comes to setting beauty trends, "I thrive on risk taking, getting out of your "box", trying something new and different!"
  This season celebrate uniqueness... what makes things beautiful is what sets them apart!
  My training includes bridal, cosmetics, photographic, video, and stage. I attend ongoing training quarterly in New York City.
  I will offer you a skin care analysis and cosmetic makeover at your first visit!
  We long to awaken our senses, to view the world from a new prospective, to feast our eyes on something different...

Rebecca Keith
Skin Care & Cosmetics


  Jess has been a nail technician for over 14 years. She has completed every advanced class in OPI, Creative, and attends all educational events. Education is the key! ..However, during Jess's initial education to become a nail tech., she firmly refused to attend to anyones feet. But today, Jess is well known in the Lakes Region area as "The Best Pedicurist"!
  Jess has a passion for her work that far surpasses others. She has had every nail issue to deal with that you can think of and has always been successful! Jess loves to make a young girl feel like a princess. She gives the girls tremendous attention during their manicure and/or pedicure. She aspires to help older people to heal fungus problems. Monthly pedi's and mani's are consistent with great health factors!
  Tiffany's added on when Jess attended school to become a nail technician. Jess performs her service in a room with a beautiful, relaxing pedichair which massages your buttocks, back, and shoulders. Jess is very versatile, fun, and caring!
  Call Jess; she'll meet your mani/pedi needs!

Jessica Edmunds
Nail Technician


  Lisa Bridges is a Nationally Certified and NH State Licensed Massage Therapist. Therapeutic Massage to increase circulation and Range of Motion, release muscle tension, and promote relaxation is her specialization. She has practiced and studied Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and chair Massage at the River Valley Community College in Claremont, NH.
  Lisa has worked in the healthcare field for more than 10 years working with the whole person helping them to be successful and strong in their own environment. Maintaining balance is what our bodies strive to do. Lisa can help you achieve your goals and maintain The Balance Within.

Lisa Bridges
Massage Therapist


Brian Gobeil
  Brian is the Barber at Tiffany's!

 View Brian's bio and our barber services here.

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Cosmetics    Esthetician Services    Microdermabrasion / SkinBorn    Manicures & Pedicure    Massage Therapy
Hair Care & Styling    Hair Straightening / CHI   Hair Updos    Hair Extensions    Wedding Specialties    Eyelash Extensions
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Salon services include hair care, skin care, cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, booth tanning, bed tanning, spray tanning, esthetician services, microdermabrasion / skinborn, temporary tattoos,
eyelash extensions, aqua detox


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