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Salon services include hair care, skin care, cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, booth tanning,



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TANNING - Tiffany's Beauty & Tanning Salon, LLC
Tiffany's offers three tanning options; booth tanning, bed tanning, or sunless spray tanning!

Salon Services

Skin Care
Esthetician Services
   Medical Peels
   Wrinkle Repair Solutions
   Hair Care & Styling
   Barbershop Services
Hair Extensions
Hair Straightening / CHI
Hair Updos
Wedding Specialties
    Manicures & Pedicures
Bed & Booth Tanning
      Spray Tanning

 Other Services
Temporary Tattoos
Digital Imaging

   Eyelash Extensions
   Eyelash Perming
   Eyelash & Brow Tinting
   Aqua Detox

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Salon Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am-6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 7am-6pm
Saturday 6am-3pm


Booth Tanning, Bed Tanning, and Sunless Spray Tanning

The fine art of sunless tanning.Sunless tanning products are the fastest and hottest growth sector in the cosmetic industry today.

Customers with skin types that are difficult to tan love the chance to get immediate color while continuing to build their natural tan with UV exposure. The best results and most natural looking tan come from the glow of UV tanning in combination with the enhanced color of a sunless tan.

Aviva Labs Spray Tan
Customers choose Aviva Labs' skincare products for the beautiful results as well as the company's unique and unwavering commitment to the long-term health of its clients' skin. For this reason our products were selected for use at the Sundance Film Festival, the Emmy’s Awards, the Academy Awards, won Skin, Inc. Magazine's Best of the Best award two years in a row, and have been featured in dozens of fashion, beauty, and life magazines. From its production facility in Boston's suburbs, Aviva Labs distributes our products to over 85 countries worldwide.

The Four Steps to your Sunless Spray Tan
Aviva Lab products

Sunless Tanning is the perfect compliment to your natural look.

Give us a call for more information or to set up your appointment!



Booth & Bed Tanning by WolffCyberdome bed tanning
Our Staff is well trained in tanning and is experienced in all aspects of the tanning industry.

Four consecutive sessions in any of our units, the tanning bed or booths, will give you a base tan.

The Cyber-Dome by Wolff, contains 52 bulbs and is a triple layer tanning unit. It tans the inside skin layer for a longer lasting effect. Recommended tanning time of 20 minutes.

We sell California Tan tanning and products. They work well for any skin type; sensitive, normal, or dry.

                  California Tanning Products

We belong to the "Smart Tan" Network, an association for indoor tanning salons. With Smart Tan, we are updated regularly on what's happening in the tanning industry.

Get your coupon for a free tanning session and learn what it's all about!

** We require eye protection while tanning and sell tanning eyewear for your convenience. We also provide a medication list to all our tanning customers in order to verify whether or not a particular medication they are taking will have a reaction from visiting a booth or bed.

about us  ·  our team  ·  coupons  ·  digital imaging  ·  directions  ·  salon policies  ·  gift cards

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Salon services include hair care, skin care, cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, booth tanning, bed tanning, spray tanning, esthetician services, microdermabrasion / skinborn, temporary tattoos,
eyelash extensions, aqua detox


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